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 Glenn selling stuff

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BerichtOnderwerp: Glenn selling stuff   vr aug 23, 2013 4:12 pm

right guys, due to some unfortunate expenses I'm forced to sell some stuff.
Here's the list:

a whole Dark Elf Army (6000+ points, list of model can be obtained trough PM)

High Elfs:
9 of the old (5th edition) metal Silver helms
7 Dragon Princes (6th edition metal ones)
New Loremaster
Eltharion the Blind (old OOP model)
full IoB High Elf set

Chaos Marines
7 (finecast) Plague Marines
Fabius Bile (metal) with his 5 enhanced marines (long OOP)
10 Plastic CSM
Nurgle Biker Lord
full Dark Vengeance Chaos Set
3 (finecast) Obliterators

10 Forgeworld MK IV Sons of Horus Marines

Warriors of Chaos
Limited Edition BSB (the special Storm of Chaos one)
Limited Edition Tzeentch Disk Sorcerer

Make an offer
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Glenn selling stuff
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