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 The purification of Kaurava IV "Aurelia"

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Lokhir Fellheart

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BerichtOnderwerp: The purification of Kaurava IV "Aurelia"   do mei 02, 2013 5:29 pm

het eerste dat jullie moeten weten is dat toen jullie arriveerden in Kaurava sector er maar 3 planeten waren.

Kaurava I "Meridian"
Kaurava II "Typhon"
Kaurava III "Calderis"

dit is het verhaal van wat er gebeurd is met de 4de en momenteel missing planet Kaurava IV "Aurelia"...

As told By Gabriel Angelos

"Ten years ago, we Blood Ravens faced one of the greatest threats. A daemon named Ulkair sought to terrorize and plague the sector.
We stopped the daemon and ended his schemes to rot sub-sector Kaurava into a festering hellscape. We thought our victory would mark the end of the war for the sector.
We were wrong.
Black Legion renegades made their appearance only to prevent the death of the daemon. Our Chapter Master sacrificed his life to at seal the daemon for eternity,
but it was not enough. At the end of our options, I made the most difficult decision I had ever made. On my order, the Ordo Malleus released Exterminatus on the planet...
I damned thousands of souls to the void. All fell before it, xenos and human.. Corrupt and innocent. It was then that a new event occured that would stun the thoughts
of guardsmen and space marine alike. The entire planet was sucked into the warp and still remains there as far as we know...

Our chief librarian was appointed the new chapter master and we still
serve the chapter through him, Azariah Kyras. Though many questions arise about his recent acting...
The Blood Ravens are my brothers, I will stand with them until the end of my duty has come. Yet the threat we face now is possibly returning.
The greater Daemon Ulkair was sealed, but never silenced. Now another greater daemon seeks to ressurect this fiend and release it upon the sector.
He must be stopped, for I could not bear it to sentence more to oblivion on the order of Exterminatus.
As I pledged myself to the duty of captain, only have I sought to serve the Emperor and the chapter.
Now my duty calls and my hammer "Godsplitter" will shatter any resistance that stands in my way to victory. The time for the Blood Ravens to rise has come,
and rise we shall..
For the Chapter!

++Gabriel Angelos, Captain of the Blood Ravens, 2nd Company++
++"The Purification of Aurelia"++
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Great Unclean one

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: The purification of Kaurava IV "Aurelia"   do mei 02, 2013 8:59 pm

AND SO SAY WE ALL!!!!!!!!!
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The purification of Kaurava IV "Aurelia"
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