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At dawn, the shadows came to life. As battle-brothers of the 2nd Company finished securing the Rillanon drop site, more of the vile Xenos known as the Eldar sprung an ambush. From concealed positions all over the compound, they unleashed overwhelming bursts of focussed fire, immediatelly disabling the Rhino APCs watching over the area. Simultaneously, the bikes returning from their patrol were decimated, razor-sharp discs cutting through the atmospheric seals in their armour, rendering over half of them incapacitated as they frantically started to begin the emergency repairs on their sacred wargear.

Samu'el, still on edge after the previous Xenos intrusion, only took the blink of an eye to call in his reinforcements. With controlled bursts of bolter fire, and cleansing gouts of superheated prometheum, the Xenos were on their turn forced on the defensive, only to lash out to their assailants again moments later. The gunship "Laevis Prometean" strafed the area, leaving nothing but torn and blood-slicked barricades in it's wake.

This dance of death kept going back and forth until only few warriors were left standing. As neither of the warlords would suffer the dishonor of leaving the enemy run rampant on wat they both claimed as their turf, a bitter fight to the last erupted. As troopers from both sides darted between key strategic areas, their diminishing numbers quickly meant that their options were reduced minute by bloody minute.

As Zar'ok took his gunship for another pass, he saw what appeared like the enemy leader darting towards the safety of the ruined constructions his kin left as a legacy on the planet. As he hit the air brakes, bringing his craft to a hover, he gazed down his sights, thumbed the weapon's activation rune, and muttered the Litany of Accurracy "Well Prince Sunshine, bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your arse goodbye".

As the raider's warlord disappeared in a red mist, what precious little of the raiding party was left fel back, leaving some very blooded and battle-worn Astartes behind, exhausted by triumphant as the landing zone was finally theirs to claim.

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end of turn 1
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