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+++ Battle Barge "Emberwyrm" - orbit around Rillanon +++

The Forgefather observed silently as more and more blips turned up on the long range auspex. "My Lord, the drop site has been overrun with xenos. What are your orders?". Brooding, the Forgefather regarded the screen, his eyes lighting up to reflect the fury in his hearts. "This changes nothing." he declares. "We are the Emperor's sword. This place is but another anvil on which we shall be forged. Prepare for planetfall!"

As "Emberwyrm"'s lance strikes punished the drop zone, forcing the foul xenos to weather the storm deep within the relative safety of great ferrocrete bunkers, the Drakes fell upon the once proud bastions. With the screams of tortured metal, the doors of the drop pod blasted open. Within seconds, the seasoned veterans of squad "Cudo" brought their melta weapons to bear, while Gri'll, the former Pyroclast doused the bunker's interior with his heavy flamer. A feral grin formed on his face as the xenos pained shrieks reached his ears.

As more Fireborn closed upon the scorched earth, suddenly doors and hatches burst outward as lithe forms somersaulted through the air, defying gravity as they vaulted unhindered by gravity towards their assailants. As both forces' momentum was so great, there simply was no way to avoid the violent melee, and as both sides bellowed their war cries, the dance of death began in earnest. To the gunship "Laevis Prometian" soaring overhead, shredding apart the luckless xenos it found in it's path, the tides of battle were obvious: the foul xenos hit hard, cutting down the noble Salamanders time and time again, who repelled them time and time again with disciplined bolter fire and the warm embrace of superheated gouts of prometheum.

When the fire of battle finally lessened, two defiant xenos still stood their ground, charging the gore-covered Forgefather. In the blink of an eye, one xenos was falling on the ground shrieking as the flesh melted from it's bones. The Solitaire that had cost the Sons of nocturne so dearly, flicked in and out of reality as he set upon Samu'el with reckless abandon. As his face suddenly stopped inches from the unflinching eye lenses of the draconid helmet, the creature found itself impaled on Vulkan's Spear. As it's life slowly bled from him, he heared the Forgefather whisper in his ear so only he could hear it... "You know the routine, sunshine. Bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your arse goodbye."

Planetstrike mission: Stranglehold

Attacker: the noble phalanx of Samu'el, son of Jaxx
- Stratagems: Scorched Skies & Desperate Last Push
- First Blood
- Slay The Warlord
- Slay Every Last Fucking One Of Them

Defender: the foul, lawless horde of Prince Caelis and his clowns
- Stratagems: Fortified Stronghold
Prince Caelis and his troupe experienced some disturbance in the webway near the Hermelinus Solaris. The Troupe turned around to investigate the disturbance.
Prince Caelis thought to get some answers from the Eldar Corsairs who have a basecamp at Rillanon. When they left the webway they saw 3 bastions and decided to investigate them.
Prince Caelis sends the 2 starwaevers and Voidwaever out to visit the Corsairs. When inspecting the bastions it was raining fire outside. The Prince immediatly called the Skimmers back.
The Eastern wall of the first bastion was almost turned to rubble and before it was a Mon Keigh army. The Harlequins started their dance together. Before the Mon Keigh could act, the Harlequins had taken several lives. However the bad news was that all the returned Skimmers were burning piles of rubble and it was still a long way to the Corsairs. The Troupe pushed on and toke the bikes, a squad or 2 and all the rhinos. The return fire was horribly punishing. The Solitaire saw the Chief of the Mon Keigh and launched his Blitz. He jumped over the Chief and slaughtered 2 Mon Keigh before he touched the ground. He turned and toke 2 more. Then he was caught in an awfully chemical attack ( Chief farted) and he was taken by the Laughing God. The rest of the Mon Keigh were slaughtered by Prince Caelis and his Troupe and they launched themself at the Chief. Prince Caelis senced the precence of an Eldar Farseer, who arrived from the webwayportal in Rillanon 3, and reported to him. The final assault was cruel. The rest of his troupe was caught in the overwatch. Prince Caelis took an eye and a knee of the Chief, but the Chief didn't hesitate to plant his sword in the Prince. Only the Chief and his bitch, 1 Land Speeder and 1 Stormtalon Gunship lived to tell the tale.

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end of turn 0
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