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Dettol "the orc slayer" a hero from his own chapter received a call to arms from r.guilliman to come to the holy halls on terra. Once arrived Guilliman spoke to him: Dettol you are chosen by the secret war counsel of the emperor for a specific mission,
we are raising a new "chapter" this will be a secret chapter only known by a handful of chapter masters and primarchs, they will provide the best battle brothers for this mission.
The battle brothers will remain with in their original chapter. When the new chapter "The Relic seekers" go on a mission the battle brothers most fitting for the mission will be called to arms, after the mission they return to their original chapter until they're needed again.
a small force will be permanently at your side, chaplain "Javel" is already on the newly prepared battle barge initiating the new brothers and crew
If you accept I will tell you the details and wat your mission will be.

Dettol didn't hesitate and said with a strong voice: My life is not my own but from the emperor his counsel chose me for this, that is why I cannot refuse this offer. I will be the new master of The Relic seekers and succeed this mission or die trying.

Guilliman: You are really a loyal brother master Dettol, I will make sure the techpriest on mars prepare you a new armor and weaponry fitted to your promotion.
don't think it's gone be easy, the missions planned for your force will send you to the most unpredictable and hazardous of terrains. a handful of enemy forces operating in this sector are known but there can be hundreds of other hostile forces unknown to us, so we cannot prepare you on wat you will find there

The missions for The Relic Seekers are separated into 3 tasks
1) Locate the lost artifacts and relics lost in the old wars that were scattered around the galaxy and retrieve these items for their chapter
2) We are still looking for a few Primarch brothers, their status unknown, alive, death or turned to chaos heresy. find these primarchs, escort them to their home world, recover their bodies or slay/capture the heretic and bring them to the halls of terra.
3) locate and retrieve new artifacts/relics so that they in time can be distributed to a matching chapter and be used in the war against the foul xenos and demon gods

these are the 3 tasks for you and your brothers. We have already located a powerful artifact in the erminea sector, go "Dettol the orc slayer" master of the relic seekers bring this artifact home, there is already a force and war gear available on the battle barge, brothers, dreadnoughts, tanks and so on. Now go and succeed for the emperor

Dettol looked at guilliman and spoke: I will succeed for the emperor, I will obliterate all the enemy's standing in our way and retrieve this artifact and bring it back to the halls of terra.
at the time he spoke a techiest servitor walked up to him in a humble way and looking at the ground, in his arms where a few items, a new purity seal written by the hands of the emperor himself, the servitor placed this on the power armor at the location where Dettol’s hart would be.
the second item was a iron hallo this was placed on the back of Dettol’s helmet.
the third item was a relic powers word, the servitor gave this to guilliman who looked at the sword and then attached this personal to the belt of Dettol’s armor
the fourth and last item was a chapter master cape to accomplish his new status carefully Dettol took a knee to lower himself and the servitor attached this to his armor

Dettol stood back up turned around and started walking to his battle barge, Guilliman spoke a final time: go brother and may the emperor light guide you on the path, if you need something don't hesitate and send a note to the council a powerful librarian that knows how to contact us is waiting next to javel on the battle barge for you

the guards opened the door of the holly halls, Dettol walked outside the wind playing with his new cape and he shouted for all the holy bastion FOR THE EMPEROR.
he walked to the ship yard and to his battle barge, at the entrance he was greeted by the javel, the librarian and a few captains.
Dettol spoke to them, brothers its time, we depart immediately to the erminea sector to the planned whisper their we will start our search and meet with “biggus dickus” chapter master of the Unstoppable force.

the engines started to roar and the battle barge jumped in warp travel to the new sector
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