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 Pushing back the vile worshippers of the ruinous powers

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BerichtOnderwerp: Pushing back the vile worshippers of the ruinous powers   ma feb 09, 2009 3:53 pm

Just as Aislin's messenger arrived, recounting the tenious battle against the vile undead, Both fortified possitions were attacked by malformed humans, pouring through the woods, swords at a ready. The celebrations were ceased as every able man, woman and spirit surged outwards to meet the oncomming hordes.

outpowered and unarmoured, the wood elves turned to using their agility and guile to the fullest extent of their capabilities, a treeman hiding amongst his unmoving brethern untill the main force had passed him, then striking and killing of one of the enemy generals

arrows darkened the skies in short intervals, most clattering against the fullplates of the vile filth that dares call itself humans, but some miraculously finding their mark, piercing eyes and throats as the treekin were magicaly transported into the flanks of the enemies. Wardancers jabbed their swords between the seams of the gigantic armourplates, severing arteries before darting off towards the next victim. A group of Eternals held fast rampaging Chaos Knights and Warriors, immovable despite the inhuman amount of losses they experienced

Dryads darted between the ranks of the marauding manlings, stabbing and rending their soft flesh even as their kin was being torn to shreds by the magical weapons crafted by the devious Chaos Dwarves back in the dark and sinister mountainholds they call home

while the carnage took hold, the spellsingers and branchwraiths pitted their magical powers against those of the ruinous 4, and brought the forest itself to bear against the mutated beasts and men that had so rashly attacked them.

hours passed, and the deathtolls piled up, but in the end, the defence of Asrai homes proved to be a greater power than the fear those lowely humans had for their dark masters. As the dead were claimed by the forest, the living withdrew, drowing their sorrow for their lost comrades, and their guilt for surviving in the wine that had, only that morning, been brought to bear to celebrate the withdrawal of the undead hordes.

Runners were sent about to warn the other tribesmen: Chaos is on the move... where will they strike next?
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Pushing back the vile worshippers of the ruinous powers
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